• Eco Bliss Bowl
  • Eco Bliss Mini Bowls
  • Eco Bliss Small Rectangular Dipping Bowl
  • Eco Bliss Square Dipping Bowl
  • Eco Bliss Small Round Plate
  • Eco Bliss Large Round Plate
  • Eco Bliss Rectangular Plate
  • Eco Bliss Small Square Plate
  • Eco Bliss Large Square Plates
  • Eco Bliss Platter

Natural, compostable, biodegradable and stylish, the Eco Bliss range is made from the large leaves and fronds of the Areca Palm tree – a tall, beautiful tree abundant in India. The production process is very simple: leaves are washed in water and heat-pressed into the correct shape (this also sterilises the leaf). No pulp, no starch – just a washed and pressed leaf. Totally natural. Available in bowls, plates, platters and dipping bowls.