• Regular Green BioStraw
  • Regular Black BioStraw
  • Regular Red & White BioStraw
  • Regular White BioStraw
  • Regular Art Series BioStraw
  • Cocktail Green BioStraw
  • Cocktail Black BioStraw
  • Cocktail Jumbo BioStraw
  • Regular Green
  • Regular Black
  • Regular Red & White
  • Regular White
  • Regular Art Series
  • Cocktail Green
  • Cocktail Black
  • Cocktail Jumbo

Plastic straws are polluting our oceans. Ditch the plastic and choose to serve FSC certified paper straws instead. BioStraws are made from 3-ply premium grade FSC® certified paper sourced from managed plantations. FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers, all while ensuring it remains economically viable.

These straws are carbon neutral, recyclable, commercially and home compostable.

  • Available in cocktail, regular and jumbo sizes and various colours (including three Art Series designs) 
  • Suitable for hot and cold beverages
  • Customisable.