School Canteens Going Green

An increasing number of school canteens are now making the switch to eco-friendly food packaging options. This welcome move seems to be generated from parent and student interest in education and programs about living sustainably. School veggie patches and native beehives are becoming part of many school’s landscapes.

Fortunately, the ever-growing range of attractive and fit-for-purpose eco-friendly packaging seems to meet most of the needs of school canteens. And while compost services to dispose of commercially compostable packaging are still in their fledgling stages in many parts of Australia, eco-friendly packaging is still an excellent alternative to non-sustainably sourced paper or petroleum-based products like plastic. So, even if a compostable product ends up in landfill, it has at least been made from sustainably-sourced materials and will biodegrade in the ground (if made from pulp) or remain inert in the ground (if made from plant-based plastic (PLA).

We’re enjoying learning more about incorporating eco-friendly alternatives into school canteens. But the best part of this gig is the opportunity to observe all the amazing learning and gorgeous children who will become the future leaders of this great country.