The Final Straw

A moment in your drink and 200 years on our planet. That’s how long it takes a plastic straw to break down in landfill. Plastic straws cannot be recycled and billions end up in landfill every year. They’re also wreaking havoc on our oceans with catastrophic effects on marine life.

Plastic straws have come under fire in the media lately with Woolworths pledging to ban them from their stores by the end of 2018. Sydney’s City of Ryde Council and Brisbane City Council has banned plastic straws from their operations and public events too. And overseas, the UK plans to ban them country-wide. It seems all signs are pointing towards plastic straws sharing the same fate as single use plastic bags – banned. So it’s time to look at the alternative, the paper straw.

Paper straws are more expensive than plastic straws. This is because the paper materials used to make them simply cost more. However, if you are business trying to keep expenses down, you could look at reducing the number of straws you provide e.g. not keeping them on the counter for customers to help themselves and not providing a straw for a drink that does not require a straw.

BioPak’s paper straws are made from sustainably sourced paper and are biodegradable and compostable. It’s time to make the switch and take a big step forward in caring for our planet. Check out our range of BioPak’s BioStraws here: