Plastic bag bans – are you ready?

Many countries around the world have placed a tax on lightweight/single use plastic bags and some countries have even banned them completely. The results of these measures have seen significant decreases in single use bags, for example, Ireland, who began charging customers for plastic bags in 2002, saw a 90% reduction in usage and litter after the tax was put into effect. Recently, the European Union has said that it wants to see an 80% drop in plastic bag use by 2019, which means that all European countries will need to be on board.

Australia is going down the same path with plastic bag bans in place in Tasmania, South Australia, Canberra and the Northern Territory. Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have pledged to be single-use bag free from 20th June this year, with 12 Woolworths stores opting to take the plunge early and going bag-free last week. In NSW, these stores were Woolworths Marayong, Greenway Village, Dural and Mullumbimby. It would be easy to imagine that a total ban could be on the horizon for Australia.

With all this action in mind, along with the ever-growing collective conscience of Australian people around waste reduction, there’s no time like the present to consider your own personal and business practices around environmentally friendly packaging. Sydney Packaging has a huge range of the latest eco-friendly packaging – from wide-base paper bags for home delivery, to compostable straws and takeaway containers and recyclable PET cups, bowls, clams etc. You name it, we’ve probably got it.

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