Wouldn’t it be great if every cup that left your building advertised your product?

Here’s how custom printed food packaging can boost your business.

Have you ever thought about custom printed packaging for your food business but aren’t sure where to start? You probably like the idea of your branding being in the hands of your customers. Imagine every customer leaving your premises holding your logo. Not only are you still in front of them, you are also in front of every person they walk past.

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Will custom printed food packaging build brand recognition?

If you’ve been thinking of ways to build your brand, it might be worth considering whether custom printed takeaway food packaging is right for you. In a competitive market place with so many businesses vying for your customer’s attention, having your brand in their hand (literally) could give you the edge you need.

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Learn how school canteens are going green

An increasing number of school canteens are now making the switch to eco-friendly takeaway food packaging options. This welcome move seems to be generated from parent and student interest in education and programs about living sustainably. School veggie patches and native beehives are becoming part of many school’s landscapes. Continue reading “Learn how school canteens are going green”

Plastic bag bans – are you ready?

Many countries around the world have placed a tax on lightweight/single use plastic bags and some countries have even banned them completely. The results of these measures have seen significant decreases in single use bags, for example, Ireland, who began charging customers for plastic bags in 2002, saw a 90% reduction in usage and litter after the tax was put into effect. Recently, the European Union has said that it wants to see an 80% drop in plastic bag use by 2019, which means that all European countries will need to be on board.

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New compost service in Sydney

The good folks at BioPak have made it easy for business owners to reduce the environmental impact of their business. In addition to producing high-quality sustainably-sourced disposable packaging, they have created a service that turns your waste into compost.

BioPak have brought together waste contractors and compost facility operators to turn your food waste and compostable packaging into nutritious soil compost for gardens or farms. The weekly collection service not only helps the environment it could also save you money.

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The rise of home delivery

The rise of Deliveroo, Foodora, UberEATS and Menulog has had our phones running hot with customers wanting to know the best way to package their food for home delivery.

The takeout industry is growing strongly and these new food delivery businesses help eatery owners overcome the obstacles of logistics and cost that, until now, may have prevented them from offering a home delivery service.

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Paper cups are being recycled

Ultimately, reusable coffee cups and dine-in cups are the best way to reduce paper cups in landfill, but it’s not always the practical choice for a cuppa on the go.

Did you know that many Australian councils are recycling paper cups? There is much confusion and many questions regarding this topic and we’d like to help set the record straight. The lack of clarity seems to stem from certain recycling facilities claiming they are unable to process paper cups on their equipment. However, these facilities accept milk cartons and juice cartons which are made from the very same materials as paper cups – that is, paper with a thin layer of plastic lining (poly-coating) to make it waterproof. Milk and juice cartons are accepted in co-mingled domestic and recycling almost everywhere. So why not paper cups?

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